Cactus Salon

In 1987, Joseph Secreti came to the USA for the first time and started a unique type of salon. This was the first Cactus Salon in the United States. He spent his days and nights working to establish it.

Through his and his family’s hard work, the Cactus Salon business grew so fast that it now has as many as 26 salons in different locations and over 700 employees  working for the company. With the continuing education and expert training of its staff, Cactus Salon is now providing excellent services in the field. Whether you are interested in basic hair cuts, new hot styles, or any other sort of service, Cactus Salon should be your ultimate choice. The professionals and the stylists there are always willing to help you.


Some of the services that they provide include: facial and special treatments, massages, pedicures, manicures, therapeutic treatments, and much more. In all of the 26 locations there are therapeutic treatment services available. As from the beginning, it was the motive of Mr. Secreti to provide their customer a one stop shop facility.  In 2010, they were proudly rewarded with the award of *Best Hair Salon* and *Best Day Spa* on Long Island. Another remarkable feature of “Cactus Salon & Spa” is its  bridal service. This service is offered by their “Elite bridal Team”.


At Cactus Salon, they expect you to enjoy your  new and handsome look after using their services. Cactus Salon is ready 24 hours a day to fulfill any of your needs; that’s why Cactus has become the leader in their industry in the U.S.A.

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