Drymax Socks

Wounds that appear on feet in the form of blisters are a common injury and are considered unpleasant when you are covering a long distance, especially on the trails as it is very difficult to have a footing on slippery terrain when you have blisters.


While you are running, the feet often get hot and sweaty, this let the socks become wet  and sticky. The moisture from the environment enables the skin to become to become weaker and creates much friction in between the skin of the user and the socks. If the friction increases, it will cause more blisters on the feet. This also causes your feet to slip around in your socks and the rubbing of your skin against the sock will create a shearing effect. The effect of the shearing of the skin is that it parts the two layers of the skin in which fluid is contained, and hence creates a blister.

3D Fitting with Comfort

Drymax foot socks are different from the ordinary socks and keep fit on every foot because of the fact that these  socks are specially designed on 3D foot-shaped models. All socks contain a color size mark that can easily match-up after washing. It has “Blister Guard” system that includes a frictionless ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) containing fibers that are present in the whole sock to cover the entire foot area.


Long Lasting Safety

When you are out hiking, dirt from the trail can get inside of your socks and cause not only an unpleasant hike, but also a painful blister. Preventing the dirt and debris from getting  inside these special quality socks is made easier since they don’t contain any kind of pores. Dryness lasts for a long time in order to keep the socks free from odor and to keep them comfortable.

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