Giovanni Hair Products

Giovanni works as very hard for all of their customers. They help you to look beautiful and capture your inner beauty in the essence of their products. They make you feel free and gorgeous, on inside and on the outside, and make you live the dream of beauty and exquisiteness.


The company is named after its founder, Arthur Giovanni, who wanted to be known as a person who will bring beauty to the world. Since its inception, the company has endeavored to accomplish its mission of dazzling the world with beauty. The founder started his career hairdressing, and then went to owning a salon, and then to manufacturing his own line of beauty products. He started his business in California, where his work had attracted the most influential people of the country. He looked for natural ingredients to create Giovanni hair products. Earlier, he built his line of natural products on a small scale and tried them on the customers of his salon. After his success there, he met up with a physician who was known for using natural herbs to cure ailments. With his directions and Arthur’s innovation, a new line of products known as Giovanni hair products came into being. These products give a brighter and more beautiful look to hair because they make it silky and soft.


The base contents of Giovanni hair products are herbs, vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and oils that are extracted in the most natural way. His hair products ensure healthy hair because these products create no chemical reactions. His exotic blend of oils and minerals has created the most natural, certified, products for the hair. The company uses the purest form of oil extraction, which is the trademarked organic process that uses fully ripened herbs to give the utmost nutrition value. The company also has skin care products, but is renowned for its Giovanni hair products.

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