Island Tan

Island Tan is committed to providing their customers many excellent services which makes it an extremely satisfying indoor tanning experience. “Island Tan” provides their customers with excellent services and a great tanning experience anytime at an affordable price. Their always efficient, active, and friendly staff is ever ready to help you.


Their salons feature “state of the art” equipment and “top of the line” skin care services at great prices. Even the products they are using are of the best quality. They try their best to maintain their rooms and equipment to the highest standards in all aspects. Go and experience their moderate atmosphere, the positive feedback you give will be a source of pride for them. Currently, they are offering their cheapest tanning package. This package is called the “Sun Club Membership Package” and there is no need to sign up for a contract. This makes it easy to renew or cancel your subscription anytime. There is  a sign-up fee of $50, though, and they do charge $10 per month to continue your membership.

There are customers that are looking to tan throughout the whole year, but the majority of the customer wants to keep it on a monthly basis. Therefore, the monthly membership fee is only a low $10.  At “Island Tan,” they offer a very professional “air rushing” service which is available during operating hours. No appointments are necessary for this service. Island Tan has airbrush qualified technicians.


Besides what has been mentioned above, there are some other services available at “Island Tan.”  There is a chance that a technician may not be available due to some unforeseen reasons, so as a precaution, it will be best to call them before visiting the business. Island Tan has been providing airbrush tanning for 9 years.

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