Ll my Olympia Tile


The year 1927 began the sale of ceramic tiles in the retail market. Mr. John established this business in Canada with the corporate name of “Montreal Floor and Wall Tile”. In the year 1950, the company merged in with Olympia Tile. The company established itself in 1956 and expanded itself in 11 cities of Canada by the 1970s. Later on, the company opened its branches in United States of America and this expansion made it an international exporter of ceramic tiles.


The company further expanded its wings by the year 1980 and merged with the company of vinyl tiles named Flexile Limited. This company had specialized itself in cement products and other adhesive materials that are used for fixing tiles and other stones. The mid 1980s made them a leader as they broadened their distribution in various cities of America. The company also opened up their branches in the foreign lands of the five continents. The company affiliated its business with 75 ceramic tile manufacturers operating worldwide. Due to the exposure to various regions of the world, they have been able to experience various forms of arts and cultures. This wide experience is embedded in their products that suit the geographical and local needs.


The company has employed more than 900 people, some of whom operate advanced technology equipment. Their tiles suit individual needs and ensure professional designs and architectural structures that can be matched according to the style of the house they will be used in. Their unique designs and wholehearted dedication has made them the greatest manufacturer and trader in the ceramic industry.

Olympia tile is known for its high influence on design and quality control. They have produced materials that are demanded the world over for their exclusive styles. Their high-end performance and true commitment to work has earned them a distinctive position in the field of ceramic designing. The company has been awarded the title of “Best Distributor of 2003″ bythe Italian Manufacturers’ Association. In the years 2006 and 2009, the company again won an award for “Best Distributor” by an association of home-builders in Toronto.

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