Picaboo Coupons

Picaboo was established in 2006 and its products were released by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy.

What are Picaboo Coupons?

A Picaboo Coupon is a special offer. Customers who would like to use this offer would have to visit their store in order to do so. Picaboo’s coupons are a very attractive offer for those who wish to make use of them.

Unless you have a coupon, you may not be able to get reduced prices. However,  if you have such coupons, you won’t have to pay the normal price. People who order online can take full advantage of these coupons since the coupon code is entered during the online checkout process. Based on this code, the price in the shopping cart will be automatically adjusted.

What is the difference between a coupon and a special offer? A special offer is available in the store for all clients. However, with a coupon you can get an extra discount on  products only if you enter the coupon code at the end of your order. Statistics show that about 10 to 20 percent of the revenue is generated by people who use a coupon. There is no difference between a voucher and a coupon. These are the two different names, but the purpose is the same. Picaboo is a private organization. The source of their capital includes some premier Silicon Valley ventures that are associated with the Picaboo Name.

They came up with the name “Picaboo” because of the phrase “peek-a-boo.”  It is meant to make someone smile. They use this name to show that  they are very much concerned with their culture, motives, and good ethics.

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