Planet Tan

Planet Tan is a chain of  “ Tanning Super Centers ” in the US. Lets see how  they do tanning.

Tanning takes place on the skin, on the outermost layer. This outermost layer  is called the epidermis. When our body is exposed to ultraviolet blue light, melanocytes produce the pigment “melanin,” which is pink in color. As our body absorbs this, our body becomes darker. So, tanning is the way to get a tan while protecting yourself from too much UV light.


Why does a tan fade?

There is a continuous process in our body that reproduces cells in the epidermis. These cells are constantly being reproduced and as a result of this, older cells comes up to the surface of our skin. Therefore, a tan becomes faded.

Indoor Tanning is Better


Indoor tanning is not a time taking process, but it does depend on your skin type how long it will take. In just about 5, 10, or 20 minutes maximum, you can get a tan. You could potentially maintain a nice tan in as little as 60 or 70 minutes a month.


The state-of-the-art equipment of “Planet Tan” allow them to supervise your ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B exposure. They do tanning, not burning.


One doesn’t have to worry about the weather and climatic factors at Planet Tan, they provide you with a climate controlled environment.


Lip and Eye Protection

As you know, lips don’t produce melanin and neither do the eyelids. Eyelids, being thin, don’t block UV rays well. That’s why it’s important to use chap-sticks and eye-wear when you tan and the eye-wear must be certified. Planet Tan offers a selection of goggles to choose from.

Outdoor Tanning:

Outdoor tanning may expose you to an  uncontrolled  environment and extra amounts of multi-frequency UV rays.


Reactions may occur due to medication you are taking when using UV light.

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