Super Wave Oven

The topic of which will be raised for discussion today is the comparison of the super wave oven with an ordinary traditional oven. The new look with a more advanced technology allows the super wave oven to cook something up to 3 times faster than an ordinary oven. It uses the tri-cooking method and due to its 12-1/2-quarter competitive quality, it bakes, streams, broils, grills, boils, and roasts the meal in a healthy manner. When you use this oven, you will not need to defrost your frozen food, now you can enjoy as many dishes as you can with minimized fat in them and also by taking a little bit of calories out without much time spent.


For Home Use and for Traveling

By using the super wave oven you can completely enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in a fraction of the time since it has a 1,300-watt  energy source. This allows it to cook food quickly. This modern technology is what will allow you to take your frozen meal right out of the freezer and be able to put it right into the cooker. This way, you can enjoy it faster.

New System of Tri-Cooking

The premium feature of this oven is that it can cook food three different ways: convection, infrared, and halogen. The function of halogen is to brown the upper layer of food. The infrared works to cook the food from the inside out, and seal in the moisture. Finally, the convection will enable the circulation of hot air. All of these things work together to reduce the time it takes to cook your food.


Now You Can Enjoy a Wide Variety of Food with Fewer Calories or Fat

The super wave oven lets you eat and enjoy meals that contain even lower fat than other food contains. You can cook things that may be continental or traditional. This latest technology oven prepares the food in the way that lets the food moisten from inside and maintain the brownness including the crispiness on the outside.

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